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“Fearless, Ink” on Sampsonia Way Magazine

One of the most celebrated possibilities of the Internet has always been the parity of access, the idea that everybody’s voice has an equal say. Yet we know that, for example, Internet access can be prohibitively expensive in some parts of the world, or that in other places (such as China, most famously), what can be found online is itself limited. Or consider how many voices from around the world we don’t hear when almost 20% of the world’s population is without electricity (2009).

Sampsonia Way, an online literature and social justice magazine based in Pittsburgh, has pioneered a project titled “Fearless, Ink”, showcasing the work of journalists from around the world. Sampsonia Way works to advance social justice and protect journalists and authors around the world while providing an outlet for their writing. “Fearless, Ink” is particularly interesting because it features a regular roster of journalists from countries such as Egypt, Burma, Cuba, and Ethiopia, with very little intervention from Sampsonia Way itself. In providing a platform and exposure for voices from around the world who have things to say, this project is encouraging us to reconfigure how we understand who writes, who has knowledge, and who we can converse with over the Internet.


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